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This area is for lawyers though the public may use it too. It provides links to other sites that provide tools to conduct research on legal subjects at no charge. We have tried to provide simple yet comprehensive listings of legal research tools.

After determining the place of research that you want -- such as federal regulations -- click one of the categories to the left (other than "Home.") In this example, you will want "Federal Codes and Rules."

At each topic, a number of sites will be listed within each subcategory. The sites are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference.

Please note that some sites occasionally use broad classification schemes such as "administrative law resources." The extent of the resources at sites varies even within the same classification. So, to get what you want, it may be necessary to go to several sites, and they may use different slightly different descriptions than those we use.

Don't forget to return to this site by clicking on "Back" once you have completed your research at one of the sites to which we are linked.

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